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  1. I corsi Joomla! fanno tappa a Firenze, Milano, Catania e Rimini
    Sono aperte le iscrizioni per i corsi Joomla! (iniziativa in collaborazione fra Joomlahost e che si terranno in maggio a Firenze e Milano ed il prossimo mese di giugnio a Catania e Rimini.

    Disponibili varie tipologie di corso: Base Light, Base Full, Intermedio, Programmazione. Differenti per durata, prezzo, argomenti e preparazione necessaria. ...
  2. Make your website secure using Joomla

    There is one and only award winning content management system utilized by millions around the globe, including probably the most regarded organizations and that system is Joomla. It is one of the web’s most prevalent open source CMS and a … Continue reading

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  3. NoNumber Extension Manager v4.2.11 released

    A new version of NoNumber Extension Manager has been released.

    23-Apr-2014 : v4.2.11
    ^ Updated translations: id-ID
    # JOOMLA 3.x Fixed issue with uninstall window always returning failed message
    # JOOMLA 3.x Fixed some styling issues after uninstalling an extension

  4. Optimizing your PHP Scripts with Xdebug’s Profiler
    Often times, website owners will find that their site running slow or their host will inform them they are using too many resources, tracking down the root cause can be a tough task.  While many factors could be in play, chances are it is a poorly written script. This can be a difficult thing to... Read more »
  5. Phoca PDF 3.0.1 Component and Content Plugin Released

    Phoca PDF component version 3.0.1 and Phoca PDF content plugin version 3.0.1 have been released.

    Download component: Phoca PDF component download site

    Download content plugin: Phoca PDF content plugin download site

    Download system plugin: Phoca PDF system plugin download site


    • Minor changes made to work in Joomla! 3.2.3.